Hi, I'm Annie!

I'm a writer and editor based in Rhode Island. Currently, I work in university communications for a local university. Previously, my gig was in TV news as a digital producer. 


Writing has always been my favorite hobby, and I've been lucky to do it in many different forms over the course of my career. Since earning my English degree in 2011, I have written news stories, blog posts, email campaigns, social media ads, web copy, marketing materials, press releases, and so much more. Through it all, the common thread—and the thing that I have become most passionate about—is unique storytelling.

When I'm not working my 9-5, I love helping brands tell their stories. Whether you are selling a product, hosting an experience, or offering a service, I wholeheartedly believe that your message should be informed by your story. It should invoke an emotional response from your audience. Because when you feel, you connect. And when you connect, you are more likely to invest.

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